We'll Make Things Better Together

FYC: Best Children's Music Album

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We'll Make Things Better Together is the musical companion to my children's picture book which was published this year by Penguin Random House. The album encourages children to work together to create a better future, and the songs are meant to be both engaging and celebratory. We hope the music will delight kids and parents alike, sparking conversations about the power of collaboration and community.

Please share your new projects with me at: ben@mistergsongs.com. I look forward to listening to your music!

MISTER G (Ben Gundersheimer)

"Better Together" with Senegalese talking drum master, Massamba Diop (Black Panther soundtrack, Mumford & Sons)

"Kid friendly bilingual rock star"

Washington Post


People Magazine

An upbeat demonstration that working together can make the world a more loving, supportive, and welcome place.

I'm incredibly grateful to my trusted friends and collaborators from different countries and cultures who helped bring these songs into the world. We're truly better together!

We’ll Make Things Better Together

Artist: MISTER G
Release date: September 15, 2023
Record Label: Coil Records
Album art illustration: Dow Phumiruk

All songs written by: Ben Gundersheimer (MISTER G)
"Pollinators" written by Ben Gundersheimer and Katherine Jamieson

Produced by: Ben Gundersheimer and Dean Jones
* Produced by: Ben Gundersheimer
Engineers: Ben Gundersheimer, Dean Jones, Justin Kurtz, Dan Thompson
Mixed by: Dean Jones
Mixed by: Justin Kurtz (“Better Together”)
Mastered by: Rob Murray

1. We’ll Make Things Better Together
2. Best Friends
3. The Wild Things *
4. How Many Squirrels are in the World?
5. This is the Way
6. Pollinators
7. Bats on the Brink
8. Me and You *
9. Better Together *

Percussion: Massamba Diop, Lee Levin, William Johnson, Dean Jones, Ben Gundersheimer
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Ben Gundersheimer
Bass: Mark Murphy, Dean Jones
Keys: Dean Jones
Banjo: EJ Ouellette, Ben Gundersheimer
Mandolin: EJ Ouellette
Fiddle: Rosie Newton
Sax: Dave Trenholm
Trombone: Dean Jones
Accordion: Carlos Alvarez, Jon Carroll
Vocals: Ben Gundersheimer, Claudia Acuña, Armand Hutton, Aaron Nigel Smith, Wendy Morgan, Rodney Alejandro, Massamba Diop, Katie Mullins, Katherine Jamieson, Noe A Benitez, Christina Benitez, Dean Jones, William Johnson, Darryl Boggs, Karan Casey.
Children Vocalists: Layla Johnson, Noe Eloy Benitez