Educator Testimonials

Mister G combines his skills as a teacher with his talent as a musician and performer to bring unique musical experiences to children.  We had the good fortune of having Mister G as a substitute music teacher in grades K-3 for a semester this year.   Our students were enthusiastically engaged using their minds, voices and bodies to make music. We are looking forward to Mister G’s next visit to the Campus School!

Cathy Reid
Director, Smith College Campus School

I have not spoken to a single child who has anything less than “awesome” to describe their feelings about your concerts. PreK through sixth grade, Mister G did a fabulous job connecting with the audience and involving everyone in an active performance!

Joelle Brookner
Principal, Williamstown Elementary School

Our students enjoyed a fantastic interactive performance by Mister G. He engaged with the students in a real and dynamic way.

Marisa Isabel Leon
Principal, Magellan International School

Over the past three years it has been my pleasure to work with Mister G as a colleague, a composer/entertainer, and the teacher of my own child. Whether working one-on-one or with a huge group, whether teaching or performing, whether working with children or adults, Ben does an outstanding job.

Cindy Naughton
Elementary Music Specialist, Smith College Campus School

Mister G was extraordinary. His Shabbat song, "...get on home, put down your phone, Shabbat Shalom!" was both catchy and meaningful. All 250 of our students sang, danced and moved to this wonderful music. We want him back as soon as possible, and we want to invite the entire East Bay Jewish community!

Rabbi Tsipi Gabai
Tehiyah Day School

I taught music for over 25 years and I recognize brilliance in teaching when I see it. You've got it! The kids are lucky to have you!

Nancy Janoson
Elementary school music teacher

I highly recommend Mister G’s performances to anyone who wants to share the love of learning, laughing and educating children. He would be a great asset to any organization. We still sing his songs every day!

Gina Bordoni-Cowle
First Grade Teacher

Mister G visited my sixth grade classroom and made a lasting impression. I have subsequently watched Ben in action with first graders and the results were, if anything, even more impressive. He taught them several delightful original songs which they performed with gusto and enthusiasm, and which my sixth graders memorized and sing all the time.

Tom Weiner
Sixth Grade Teacher

Mister G created an open-ended project in my classroom to explore student engagement with the songwriting process. He skillfully used the students’ ideas to extend their thinking about the relationship between musical styles and song content. As students listened to Ben play a variety of instruments while seamlessly moving from reggae to bluegrass to rock, they were able to hear how the style of music effected the way they experienced the song. It was so powerful to be an observer of these seven-year-olds exploding with excitement about music.

Robbie Murphy
Second Grade Teacher

I really can’t say enough about Mister G! In his work with children he effortlessly combines a worldly musician’s ear, an educator’s eye and a storyteller’s heart.

Tim Lightman
Principal, Smith College Campus School

Gracias Mister G! Dado un espacio que los niños pudieran bailar y cantar con su música muy bonita y muy creativa. Ojalá qué el próximo año pudiera regresar.

Raquel Briceño Requena
Directora Jardin de Niños Estado de Quintana Roo

Como parte de nuestro compromiso de la integración del arte, Mundo Verde le dio la bienvenida a un músico maravilloso. El martes, 18 de septiembre, el reconocido músico infantil, Mister G, visitó a la escuela. El músico nominado al Grammy entretuvo a los estudiantes y la facultad con su concierto interactivo y lleno de energía, en el cual cantó canciones en español y en inglés. La escuela entera estuvo en pie, bailando y cantando con entusiasmo y sonrisas creados por la musicalidad sy letras de Mister G

Mundo Verde Bilingual School
Washington, DC