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Our Symphony Space show with Broadway stars of School of Rock is almost sold out. Showtime is 11:00 am Saturday, March 12

What is going to be like to work with the kids from Broadway’s “School of Rock” at your upcoming Symphony Space show?

I met them over this past weekend and rehearsed with them. They are these four little kids who are absolutely phenomenal who are going to play instruments and sing back-up vocals on the Mister G songs, just like they do in “School of Rock”. But they’re going to be doing it on the Mister G songs; it’s going to be amazing.

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Click here to read the full interview! Learn about the making of Los AnimalesThe Mitzvah Bus and Mister G. Thank you to A Child Grows in Brooklyn for this great opportunity!

  • What inspired you to learn to speak fluent Spanish?
  • What guides you to write songs that will resonate with kids and families?
  • What formed your Jewish identity as a child?

Holly Leibowitz Rossi of the Jewish Boston magazine had lots of questions for Mister G.

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