Pizza For Breakfast


  • Mister G’s debut album
  • Features hit songs “Sneaky Chihuahua,” “Mister Chubby Pants,” “Squirrels”
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After a long career as an award-winning songwriter and performer, Mister G (aka Ben Gundersheimer) earned a Masters in Education and started teaching elementary school.

The songs on Pizza for Breakfast were inspired by Mister G’s former students, and focus on environmental themes (“Don’t Waste Stuff,” “Mister Chubby Pants,” “Squirrels”) and the joys and challenges of being a kid (“Bath,” “Luckiest Kid in the World,” “Run”). The album also includes radio favorites “Pony with a Problem” and “Sneaky Chihuahua.”  Known for his expert musicianship, Mister G shifts seamlessly between blues, bluegrass, rock, ska, and world-beat styles to create a funky, fun-filled, educational dance party.

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