Alina Celeste

Born in Miami, Florida, Alina’s Cuban-American upbringing exposed her to a wide range of popular music from Celia Cruz to the Beatles. Also, singing was the only way to make as much noise as possible and not get in trouble! Her YouTube Channel, Alina Celeste Music, won the Parents’ Choice Gold Award in 2018 and keeps kids laughing and learning with one new video a week. She teaches, performs and presents workshops for educators, librarians and children all over the world - now from her home! She is a Jubilation Foundation Fellow in the 2020 cohort and recently received the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Many Voices Prize 2020 for an unpublished manuscript. When she’s not writing, teaching or singing, she is cooking! Be sure to reach out if you want the best sweet potato brownie recipe ever 🙂

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