Manu Uriona

Manuel Uriona is a musician dedicated to the study of the roots of Afro-Latin folkloric music. He is a disciple of Sekou Sulla (National Folkloric Ballet of Guinea, among others) in the United States, and has participated in the Uruguayan Official Competition of the Montevideo Carnival with Murga La Clarinada (2001-2002), and A Contramano (2003). In Cuba, he was a disciple of Familia Angarica y los Chinitos, a professional course in the National School of Arts in Habana. He was a percussionist with Chango Farías Gómez in the final years before his passing (and continues as part of his Orquesta Popular de Cámara “Los amigos del Chango”), and a percussionist with Bersuit Vergarabat for more than fifteen years. He also works as a musician and producer with Mica Farías Gomez and Santadiabla and is an artistic collaborator of the US-based ensemble Double Edge Theatre.

He has worked with artists such as Abel Pintos, Canario Luna, Arafán Touré, Raly Barrionuevo, Julia Elena Dávalos, Rubén Mono Izarrualde, Luis Gurevich, Juan Blas Caballero, Alejandro Balbis, as well as with groups such as La Zurda and Tan Biónica, among others.

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