Nahuel Bronzini

Nahuel Bronzini is a Grammy (R) Award-winning music producer, arranger and sound engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He works out of his private production room in Berkeley, CA, known as "Studio Burgundio". 

Nahuel has worked with a wide range of artists, from writing string arrangements and playing shows and engineering studio sessions with R&B legends Tony Toni Toné!, to engineering Fantastic Negrito’s Grammy-Winning “Please Don’t Be Dead”, and creating multi-artist collaborations with Bay Area favorites on his own release entitled “The String Quartet Experience”. 

Nahuel is a multifaceted musician and producer/engineer that feels at home both on stage and in the studio. Nahuel’s work focuses on the blending of acoustic instrumentation into pop and folk productions, making use of chamber type ensembles such as string quartets and horn sections as a complement to the work of solo artists and bands. 

“Whether I am writing string arrangements, diving deep into a full day of tracking at the studio, or focusing on a specific frequency band to solve a tonal problem on a song I am mixing, the focus of my work is always on the music. Things need to feel good, sound amazing and be compelling.” - Nahuel Bronzini. 










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