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CHOCOLALALA is a collection of original, bilingual songs from award-winning musician Mister G. Inspired by his concert tours throughout Latin America, the album spans a wide range of musical styles from bossa nova to ska, funk to folk, rap to pop. The songs teach about counting, colors and nature, and celebrate the joys of eating chocolate, dancing, and riding on the school bus with friends. A variety of traditional Latin rhythms are incorporated into the songs, and students are exposed to a host of instruments, including claves, guiro, cajón, tres, trompeta, trombón, batería, bajo, teclas and, of course, guitarra.


PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST, Mister G’s debut CD of stylistically eclectic songs, has strong environmental and conservation themes. The music teaches about recycling, activism, social justice, nature, and counting. Instrumentation includes guitar, drums, bass, keyboards as well as shakers and hand percussion. This guide provides information about various song styles, instrumentation, musical terms, and a number of art, music, and social engagement activities.