Working as a team for more than twelve years, MISTER and MISSUS G (Ben Gundersheimer, M.Ed and Katherine Jamieson, MFA) present high-energy, interactive bilingual concerts to audiences around the world. Whether performing to 1000s of children and families or giving keynote workshops at national conferences, they bring their backgrounds as educators

The MISTER G project began as a dynamic duo, traveling and performing with Ben's wife, Katherine Jamieson (known onstage as Missus G).

In this interactive program, Latin GRAMMY Award winner MISTER G (Ben Gundersheimer, M.Ed) and MISSUS G (Kat Jamieson, MFA) will be sharing insights from their decade plus experience performing original music in schools throughout the world.  Ben and Kat will talk about simple ways to weave music, books and movement into the Jewish classroom, and use it as a jumping off point for lessons and activities around Judaism, community, service, environmental awareness and much more. As this will be an experiential keynote, teachers should be ready to engage with MISTER G’s singing and dancing -- and have fun!

This literacy-themed format focuses on MISTER G’s work as an author of multicultural picture books published by Penguin Random House. He shares the inspiration for the books, and the collaborative process with international illustrators from Mexico, Thailand and Israel.

MISTER G will perform the original songs that inspired the books singing in Spanish, English and Hebrew, as well as others from his twelve albums of award-winning music. The performance can be augmented with immersive visuals that provide captivating engagement. Events are followed by book signings.

Working together can make everything we do—like playing music, gardening, and helping our neighbors—a whole lot more fun. Whether it’s cleaning up the mess in the kitchen or in a public park, joining together on a shared project allows each of our talents to shine through. And some things are simply better when we do them together—like celebrating a job well done! Young readers are sure to be inspired by this cheerful story of friendship and teamwork that shows how we can all make a positive impact on the world, starting in our own homes and communities.

Some days it seems like there are squirrels everywhere! When a curious little girl decides she must find out exactly how many there are, her mission has her searching high and low, counting squirrels all over town. Only problem is, these frisky squirrels sure move around. Will she ever get a grip on the squirrely squirrel number situation?

In this lively count-along book, Ben Gundersheimer’s playful rhyming text, based on a song from his album Pizza for Breakfast, pairs perfectly with Marcos Almada Rivero’s funny, eye-catching illustrations. As children marvel over our heroine’s persistence, they will have fun spotting oodles of rambunctious squirrels.

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