Under The Hat

Mister G takes us into his recording studio for a behind the scenes tutorial on how to mix music. Here’s a hint: it’s a lot like mixing a cake!

In this episode of “Under the Hat,” Mister G reveals one of his big secrets…songwriters love to use rhymes. Using examples from his songs “Pizza for Breakfast” and “Colores,” Mister G explains how good rhymes fit together like puzzle pieces to create catchy, memorable rhythms. Featuring a cameo from Silas the Cat.

Tempo is the fancy word musicians use to describe the speed of music. Using examples from his songs “Grilled Cheese” and “Sueños,” Mister G illustrates the role tempo plays in creating mood in music.

Mister G reveals how his bilingual song “Senorita Mariposa” was inspired by the annual Monarch butterfly migration to Mexico. He discusses why songwriters use rhymes and how the traditional Latin rhythm clave is used throughout the song.

Reporting on tour from Mexico City, Mister G talks about how songwriters are like detectives who are always on the lookout for clues as to what would make interesting songs. He shares a story about how he came to write “Chocolalala,” the title track on his bilingual Spanish/English CD. The episode includes footage from a variety of school concerts from Mexico.

In the first episode of Under the Hat, Mister G takes us inside his recording studio and demonstrates the signature characteristics of acoustic, electric, classical and steel string guitars. Josie, his faithful four-footed friend, sleeps through most of the video.