Checkout my new song about bats, and then scroll down to learn more about how you can help protect the bats that live in your own backyard.

What do you know about bats?

Did you know that there are more than 1,400 species of bats and they all play an important role in helping to maintain healthy ecosystems around the world? Did you know that bats are the second largest group of mammals in the world (the largest group is rodents), and bats are the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. Many bats eat insects and keep pests under control, while others help by pollinating plants and spreading seeds.
Visit BATWEEK.ORG to learn about building bat houses, organizing a bat club, and how you can get involved in your own neighborhood. You can even download Celebrating Bats, a cookbook of goodies and treats made with bat-dependent Ingredients.
Señorita Mariposa chronicles the extraordinary annual migration of monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico. The dual language book aims to inspire the next generation of eco-activists and spark dialogue about butterfly habitat.

Bats are pollinators too!

If you're a MISTER G fan, you are probably familiar with Señorita Mariposa, the song and picture book about the amazing Monarch butterfly migration. You might also know that butterflies are pollinators, carry pollen over their entire bodies as they fly from flower to flower.

Did you know that bats are very important pollinators too? Over 300 species of fruit in tropical and desert climates depend on bats for pollination. The Agave plant and the Saguaro also depend upon bats to carry pollen as they feed on the insects in the flowers as well as on the nectar and flower parts of the plant. Learn more at BATWEEK.ORG.
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