Education Programs for Children & Adults

With a Master of Early Childhood Education, Ben offers a wide range of classroom and community workshops, pre/post show experiences, and models for collaborating with children onstage. Engagements range from single day programs to more in-depth residencies, which are tailored to fit the outreach objectives of each presenting organization. For adults and educators, Ben offers Musical Keynote presentations, professional development workshops, and seminars.

Mundo Verde / Green World

Protecting Our One Earth

Empowering children to take action on behalf of the planet through movement and song.

Symbolic Migration

A Cross Border Collaboration

Inspired by the 3000 mile monarch butterfly migration, the workshop provides a framework for children to see themselves as global citizens connected to one another across cultures.

Let's Write A Song

To Change The World

Enabling children to think of themselves as generative creators, while learning about songwriting and musical structure.

The Multi-Sensory Classroom

A toolkit for the 21st Century teacher

Empowering teachers to use music and movement in their classrooms
  • “I really can’t say enough about Mister G! In his work with children he effortlessly combines a worldly musician’s ear, an educator’s eye and a storyteller’s heart.”
    Tim Lightman, Principal
    Smith College Campus School
  • "I taught music for over 25 years and I recognize brilliance in teaching when I see it. You've got it! The kids are lucky to have you!"
    Nancy Janoson, Elementary School Teacher

  • "There was absolutely no better way to kick off the early childhood conference than with a music-driven keynote featuring MISTER G! He energized and invigorated all 280 of our teachers with a dynamic, fast-paced mini-concert and got them on their feet dancing and singing their way into the day"
    Alison Zimbalist, Director, Early Childhood Education Services
    Macks Center for Jewish Education
  • “MISTER G and MISSUS G brought out the best PJ Library event ever! The power of their music was transformative, and they were able to capture every age in attendance in an awesome way... They were very easy to work with and very professional! So much fun. We are still singing the music here in Texas!”
    Lauren Abraham, Special Program Coordinator
    Jewish Federation of San Antonio

Beyond Borders Residency


The multi-day residency begins with a performance by MISTER G and the Global Citizen Ensemble. Students learn about the butterfly migration and get an overview of the weeks’ activities.
When children contribute to a large scale project, they are able to experience first hand their potential impact in the world. Their input becomes part of a vibrant whole - celebrating both individual achievement and the power of working collectively. The result is more than the sum of each participant’s effort. It reinforces their role as change agents in their communities."
Students are then organized into cohorts (typically by age group) that meet one to several times over the course of the residency. The workshops are framed around a discovery learning process, inviting youth to explore their surroundings and draw upon their own experiences while working together to create a collaborative product and imagine how it will manifest at scale. The age-appropriate curricula engages children in a variety of multi-sensory projects that synthesize visual art, field recording, found sound, body percussion, bilingual language acquisition, singing, movement, and songwriting into the production design. 

The residency culminates with an evening public performance featuring MISTER G and the Global Citizen Ensemble. Participant families are invited to attend the multimedia spectacle, which is designed to entertain an intergenerational audience with rhythms from around the world, immersive sound design, large-scale projection, and onstage youth participation.

Workshops & Assemblies 

Symbolic Migration

A visual art exchange with students in Mexico, highlighting their shared role in environmental stewardship.


A bilingual learning adventure in search of colors, perspectives, and language acquisition.


Scavenge and create abstract percussion through field recordings 


A group exercise in self expression, lyrical writing, and song structure.


Prepare for an onstage performance with movement, singing, and bilingual language acquisition. 

Curriculum Tie-Ins

  • Discovery & Integrative Learning
  • Bilingual Language Acquisition
  • STEM (Butterflies Unit, Grade 3 CORE Curriculum)
  • Ecology and Environmental Stewardship
  • Media & Performing Arts
  • Global Citizenship
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