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Latin GRAMMY Award winner and four-time Parents’ Choice® Gold Award recipient Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer) calls upon his musical roots to celebrate children’s wonder for the natural world with the release of his ninth album for families, Fireflies, on September 28, 2018.

Fireflies marks a return to Mister G’s beginnings as a songwriter and musician. Quintessentially American, the album draws from a rich tapestry of roots influences including folk, bluegrass, soul, and vintage country. The music reflects the freedom and excitement of exploring the outdoors in summer, celebrating such iconic pleasures as eating s’mores by the campfire, 4th of July fireworks, paddling a canoe, and family cookouts. The songs also encourage children to see themselves as budding eco-activists who are connected to all beings on the planet.

  1. Fireflies Mister G 2:56
  2. Sweet Summertime Mister G 2:32
  3. Me and You Mister G 2:04
  4. S'mores Mister G 2:58
  5. Big Old World Mister G 2:02
  6. Four Footed Friend Mister G 2:23
  7. Crawl Mister G 3:40
  8. Together As One Mister G 3:54
  9. Perfect Day Mister G 2:54
  10. Moonbeams Mister G 2:40


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