Robert Acevedo Jr.

Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Robert Acevedo Jr., is a 5-time DownBeat Student Music Award-winning percussionist and recording engineer whose percussive prowess on congas, timbales, cajon, bongos, and shaker can be heard on Mister G's "Patas en el Aire" from the Mundo Verde album. One this album, Acevedo's musicianship can be heard on the songs: "Ritmo y Rima", "Jugando, Tocando, Saltando", "Señorita Mariposa", "Bailamos", "Lavar las Manos", and "Colores en Mi Mente." Acevedo holds a Master of Arts degree in Music & Ministry, is the founder of Drumming for Kids Inc., and is an artist for LP and Remo products.

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